Company Profile

A Prime Architectural Lighting House

RED LIGHTINGS with its exquisite range of lighting artifacts redefines illumination for architectural conceptions. Owing to its unique futuristic concepts, the company has conquered great heights in the world of illumination.

The Company provides complete Lighting solutions to all kinds of projects, and also enhances them through it's value added services for effective lighting providing a vital change in the overall appearance of designs. We also provide FREE CONSULTATION, on request.

We at RED LIGHTINGS offer an eclectic variety of lights / light products for Indoor as well as Outdoor Architectural Lightings, the company endows with a range of customized lighting solution including low watt-power saver LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes).

We focus in Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), which are conceived as "The Next Generation Lights" for cost effective solutions. LED light fixtures are also custom made in various shapes, sizes and colours to match one's tastes. LEDs operate with an electric current as low as form 1 to 50 watts & more in Single COB Chip, and hence turn out to be major power- saviours, whereas their long life is an added advantage.

In case of a power failure, these lights can work through solar panels, invertors, battery operated systems, etc.

Vital areas considered for effective lightings are Ceiling, Walls, Passages, Etc for Indoor and Façade, Garden, Landscaping Etc for Outdoor. Lighting is required in almost every corner of room weather its commercial, residential or a public place.

Lighting through its various colour changing effects can create wonders out of any good architectural structure and make them a memorable landmark.

We believe: No success in material terms is worthwhile unless it serves the needs and interests of our clients and is achieved through fair and honest means.

Thanking you.